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WIP Chibi Zack by DuskyLore WIP Chibi Zack :iconduskylore:DuskyLore 0 0 Zack by Smashega by DuskyLore Zack by Smashega :iconduskylore:DuskyLore 6 1
Zack's Log: 15th Entry
10-2-20XX 9:24 pm Friday
It's been getting colder out lately---I wonder if it has to do with all this soot in the air blocking out the sun. It also probably helps that it's already getting deeper into Fall. A single look outside shows a thick, dirty, red tint in the sky and on the horizon, with the nearby larch trees dressing into their autumn colors. There's even a thin coating of ash starting to cover everything. I'd definitely say Whitewood's climate has started to become more...interesting. With the arrival of the cold and the ash, I've gotten pretty acquainted with my hoody. I wear it pretty much every day now, regardless if I'm at school or out shopping. And speaking of shopping, today mom sent money for me to take care of the utilities. Although, since I live here by my lonesome most of the time, the payments are never really that high to begin with. That means there was a sizable chunk of change left over for me to hit the town again.
Hit the town...I remember thinking,
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Heatblast by DuskyLore Heatblast :iconduskylore:DuskyLore 47 8 Sona by Blinkpen by DuskyLore Sona by Blinkpen :iconduskylore:DuskyLore 15 3 Crass by Blinkpen by DuskyLore Crass by Blinkpen :iconduskylore:DuskyLore 29 5 Threnody by Blinkpen by DuskyLore Threnody by Blinkpen :iconduskylore:DuskyLore 24 4 Thicc Thren by DuskyLore
Mature content
Thicc Thren :iconduskylore:DuskyLore 14 2
Zack's Log: 14th Entry
9-28-20XX Sunday
Been a while, hasn't it. Four days in fact. It took some doing, but I eventually got back into the swing of my normal life. The day after getting home was the hardest. I had to go to the bank, take some more money out, convert it into more change and buy another backpack. This meant I had to miss another day of school. Mom and Dad were called after I had "ditched" two days of school and they had to talk to me for a bit over the phone. I played along and told them I had been sick. It was sort of true. I did have have to deal with being immensely sore in my legs and feet for a while. But the least hardest part of the first day was organizing the camp site evidence. I put labels on them and emptied a shoe box just for all the Stillglade stuff before storing it carefully in my closet.
But...that's not really why I'm here making a new entry.
There's been another story on the news. Something big. (Where have I written that before) The main differ
:iconduskylore:DuskyLore 1 0
Zack's Log: 13th Entry Part 6
9-24-20XX Wednesday
I've tasted desperation. I've had a hard, first look at what it means to live cold, tired and hungry. For this new and astounding knowledge, I have paid a sobering price. I wish I could start this entry by divulging more, but I must record everything in order---
The world was as I had left it the night before; a black fog. But something had been slowly nudging and tickling me awake. My eyelids pulled apart with much effort, but eventually, they unstuck themselves as though they had been glued shut in my sleep. All around me were electric colors, replacing the blurred, faded ones I had barely made out however many hours earlier.
That's right...I had lost consciousness here in the boxy tunnel of the playground jungle gym. "Ughh..." I drawled, furling my hands into weak fists and trying to get my circulation back. I was both playing catch up with myself and taking in everything that I was just now seeing. Just then, I heard quiet gasps not two feet away from me.
:iconduskylore:DuskyLore 0 0
Mature content
Zack's Log: 13th Entry Part 5 :iconduskylore:DuskyLore 0 0
Star Room Show by DuskyLore
Mature content
Star Room Show :iconduskylore:DuskyLore 1 0
Mature content
Zack's Log: 13th Entry Part 4 :iconduskylore:DuskyLore 0 0
Ben by DuskyLore Ben :iconduskylore:DuskyLore 46 12 Hiro by DuskyLore Hiro :iconduskylore:DuskyLore 24 5 Love Seat by DuskyLore
Mature content
Love Seat :iconduskylore:DuskyLore 5 2
Take a look for goodness sake!


Cheerleader Cheerilee 2 by kaikoinu
Mature content
Cheerleader Cheerilee 2 :iconkaikoinu:kaikoinu 77 8
Norway by synderen Norway :iconsynderen:synderen 101 0 Surprise Butt Bump!! by sunlover51
Mature content
Surprise Butt Bump!! :iconsunlover51:sunlover51 37 5
babble babble bitch bitch by miulk babble babble bitch bitch :iconmiulk:miulk 152 15 i feel ashamed by miulk i feel ashamed :iconmiulk:miulk 102 5 Yoko Go Go by hypnofood Yoko Go Go :iconhypnofood:hypnofood 194 11 Snek Sketch: Vaani by hypnofood Snek Sketch: Vaani :iconhypnofood:hypnofood 147 28 Zeron [Art Fight] by ItsWolven Zeron [Art Fight] :iconitswolven:ItsWolven 21 6 . a hoodie dog . by fauxll . a hoodie dog . :iconfauxll:fauxll 183 8 com for fauxll - cody ref by meremolf com for fauxll - cody ref :iconmeremolf:meremolf 197 45 [Commission] Attack of the Perisaurus Rex by RaidenGekkou [Commission] Attack of the Perisaurus Rex :iconraidengekkou:RaidenGekkou 479 17 Grow Cone 3/3 by Vendant
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Grow Cone 3/3 :iconvendant:Vendant 406 118
Grow Cone 2/3 by Vendant
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Grow Cone 2/3 :iconvendant:Vendant 375 37
Grow Cone 1/3 by Vendant
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Grow Cone 1/3 :iconvendant:Vendant 362 57
Spider-Bat Line Up by EricGuzman Spider-Bat Line Up :iconericguzman:EricGuzman 4,452 560 tutorial - horse hooves by m-u-h-a tutorial - horse hooves :iconm-u-h-a:m-u-h-a 4,361 278
This stuff makes my page look cooler than it actually is!


Birthday: January 12
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

-Over The Garden Wall- .:Stamp:. by Rhylem Lord of the Rings stamp III by LordPendragonOfCaria Blizzard Stamp by Jake-Arnold League of Legends Stamp by Kenuko Gravity Falls Stamp by xioccolate Steven Universe Stamp by xioccolate KH Characters Stamp by SweetDuke Marvel Stamp by kamillyanna Anthro Artist Stamp by ClitoralDamage Happy Halloween Stamp by kuro-stamps Black hat stamp 2 by Einhornprinz Demencia 01 by galaxyhorses Dr. Flug 01 by galaxyhorses Billy And Mandy Stamp by OhHadivist Grim Comic Stamp by MammaCarnage Grim Adv - Misc. characters by Stamps-By-Mephie Invader Zim 01 by galaxyhorses Dib Stamp by Grumpyfart Ben 10 Stamp by LoudNoises A Ben10 Stamp by BLUE-F0X Stamp -  HTTYD by Poker---Face Retro Pokemon stamp by Mitch-Kun
Demencia by cutgut

Big Hero 6 Stamp by EclipsaButterfly Hiro Hamada Stamp 2 by dis-a Big Hero 6 - Baymax Stamp by Poker---Face Big Hero 6 Stamp IV by TMNT-Raph-fan Big Hero 6 Stamp: Tried to Kill Us by TMNT-Raph-fan
Big Hero 6 Stamp: Hiro and Baymax by TMNT-Raph-fan Big Hero 6 Stamp: Wasabi No Ginger by TMNT-Raph-fan Big Hero 6 Stamp: Fredzilla by TMNT-Raph-fan Big Hero 6 Stamp: Honey Lemon by TMNT-Raph-fan Big Hero 6 Stamp: Go Go Tamago by TMNT-Raph-fan

.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot

Also, I play for the Shadow Isles Shadow Isles by galaxyhorses
These are some of my favorite champs League of Legends: Wukong Stamp by immature-giraffe Nocturne 01 by galaxyhorses Sion  Stamp Lol by SamThePenetrator League of Legends: Malzahar Stamp by immature-giraffe League of Legends: Vladimir Stamp by immature-giraffe League of Legends: Karthus Stamp by immature-giraffe Warwick 01 by galaxyhorses League of Legends: Zac Stamp by immature-giraffe Twitch 01 by galaxyhorses League of Legends: Riven Stamp by immature-giraffe League of Legends: Yorick Stamp by immature-giraffe League of Legends: Varus Stamp [GIF] by immature-giraffe League of Legends: Thresh Stamp by immature-giraffe

Cookie? COOKIE?? Monster Stamp by The-Blue-Pangolin

I believe the highest form of entertainment comes in the form of stories. And what makes a a story interesting better than a little trouble? Let's face it, travails help us grow. They keep us strong and ready. I guess I just feel like I am meant for eternity. On a side note, if I was asked what I would want if I was given one wish to use on myself, I would wish for an eidetic memory (spelled right?). That's basically a perfect, photographic memory. That or to be able to fly, in case they ran out of the other wish. Call me cliche. Pastries, pies, and stuffed foods like burritos are my favorite things to eat. I also love the shit out of juice (I don't think I'll see myself ever habitually drinking coffee). Animals! I love them. Fate usually decides on me getting stuck with a kitty-cat. So whenever I get to pet a dog, it's like petting a lion or a bear in comparison.

--Other planets! How cool. Nebulae and faraway worlds have always fascinated me. I like the Sun for its warmth and the Moon for its beauty. Yellow moons are especially intriguing. They remind me of secret adventures and fantasy. I suppose my favorite times of the year are the Summer; because everything just feels so alive and energetic, and the Fall; for the cozy reds, browns and yellows on the trees, Halloween, and the extra time left for intellectual pursuits and new ideas. Fall is also interesting because despite it being the third season of the year, it is the season of between. The warmth of the summer lingers and the chill of winter encroaches...expect odd weather!

Current Residence: Meanwhile in California...
deviantWEAR sizing preference: ...Huh?
Print preference: Hey, as long as it comes out of the printer unscathed.
Favourite genre of music: Umm. Between Movie and Video Game music.
Favourite photographer: Peter Parker LOL
Favourite style of art: Mixed
Operating System: -is obsolete.
Shell of choice: Their gas is too expensive.
Wallpaper of choice: A dark red burgundy color. It makes a room feel a lot more cozy. Did I answer that right?
Favourite cartoon character: TOO MANY.
Personal Quote: "If there's one thing I've learned..."


Lifted this from :icondullvivid:

1. What is something you tend to include in most of your drawings?

Furries and anthros.

2. What is something specific about your artwork that you hope to improve on?

Foreshortening and anatomy.

3. Do you own any video game/movie merchandise (plushies, figures, props etc.). What's your favorite?

I guess it would be my miniature pewter, key chain Keyblade. That or these special postcards I got from buying Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories.

4. Were you able to get the Switch?

Of course I was able to get it...I just didn't is all.

5. How did you come up with your DA username?

DuskyLore? Dusk is one of my favorite times of the day. It literally resides on the precipice of, and describes the state between Light and Darkness. It's a time to experience the softest of the sun's light. Things become gloomy, calm and quiet...It puts me in a cozy mood and makes me ready to read or write.

Lore means knowledge. Of which I am an aficionado. I love books, reading, writing and expanding my vernacular.

6. Ever cosplay? Which one was your favorite? What's one you're hoping to do?

I'm not sure if this counts, but once I dressed up as a smoker from Left 4 Dead during Halloween in 2009, I think. I used the severed part of a toy Indiana Jones whip as my "tongue".

7. What is your weakness?


8. Who are you binging on YouTube right now?

The people I ever used to binge the most of on Youtube were the Game Grumps during 2013-2014.

9. What's the oldest game console you own?

My brother and I have had a Nintendo 64 (two of them now) with us since at least 1999.

10. Favorite cartoon villain?


11. Whose your best friend?

My best friends are my two brothers. All for one and one for all.

12. How long have you been drawing for?

Well, I've been drawing almost my whole life, but I didn't start to get serious until 2004.

13. If you could live in any cartoon/anime/video game universe, which would it be?

There's one head canon I have, where the universes of several series are connected into one big multiverse. Some of these universes include Overwatch, the original Ben 10, Big Hero 6, The Batman and Tron. Expect some fanart of those in the future.

  • Listening to: Various songs on my Youtube playlists
  • Reading: Books again like when I was in school?! LE GASPING
  • Watching: something soon I guess
  • Playing: League of Legends again and Overwatch
  • Eating: Chicken, potato wedges and the mac n' chiz
  • Drinking: Wayter


Since my Ben 10 stuff has gained a bit of traction, which alien or character from Ben 10 would you guys like to see after my next couple of pics? 

1 deviant said (Comment your favorite since the list would be too long)


Jul 28, 2017
4:53 am
Jul 27, 2017
10:38 am
Jul 25, 2017
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Jul 24, 2017
9:36 pm
Jul 24, 2017
7:18 pm


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